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Rumor: iPhone 5 May Include Hearing Aid Mode

Earlier this week, ElderGadget reported on a rumor that the new iPhone 5 may come with hearing aid compatibility. Not only will the new phone be compatible, but the iOS 5 update will purportedly extend hearing aid compatibility to all iPhone generations. The iPhone 5 and iOS 5 are due for release this fall.

This is fantastic news. Right?

Well, of course it’s fantastic… It’s great that people who suffer from hearing loss will soon have more options when it comes to choosing a mobile device. And it’s wonderful that the iOS 5 update will (or is supposed to) bring all iPhone generations into the hearing aid compatibility mix.

But here’s where the news ceases to be fantastic. Apple is NOT doing anything revolutionary by integrating hearing aid compatibility into their phones. In fact, they’re disappointingly behind the curve on this one. CNET Reviews has an entire section on hearing aid compatible phones. As of this post, the review lists 354 phones! And you can bet your bottom dollar, Android is all over that list.

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iPhone App Assists with Medication Management

With a plethora of apps on the market, it’s no surprise that there’s an app to assist with medication management. After all, “there’s an app for that”, right?

Just a few days ago, Gizmodo featured Pillboxie on their blog. Pillboxie is an iOS app designed to help people manage their medications using a straightforward visual interface.  Pillboxie gives users the ability to schedule reminders, customize meds with a choice of 40 different shapes and colors, and check off meds that are “due today” as the day progresses.

The site 148 Apps has a review of Pillboxie where they outline several strengths and advantages offered up by the app. However, 148 Apps also points out some important shortcomings:

For instance, you can’t set reminders for any time other than on the hour. There are only pill images so even though you can still enter liquid details, it’s not as aesthetically pleasing as with pills. You can’t export the medication details by emailing them or even printing directly, which would have been really useful. Finally, you can’t enter any information other than medication names. It would have been nice for a note feature to be included so that you can input other pertinent pieces of information such as dosage.

But not to worry, there’s no shortage of medication management apps. Here are just a few…

What’s really needed is an app that offers the powerful combination of robust functionality with a simple, straight-forward user interface.


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