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Collaborative Insights covers ideas, trends and new thinking around tech and social media for elder care professionals and senior living.

About Me

I am passionate about the convergence of technology and social change. As a change maker, I work collaboratively to develop and execute multi-channel online strategies for advocacy, fundraising, communications, and marketing.

Through Collaborative Insights, my focus is helping organizations & individuals utilize technology to empower, educate and improve the lives of older adults. Through strategy building, training and content creation, I help organizations and individuals utilize web technologies to empower, educate and improve the lives of older adults.

My start with seniors and technology began in the Development Office at Cedar Sinai Park, a nonprofit organization that provides care services for seniors. My focus was heavily aimed at leveraging online tools to help the organization meet its mission — fundraising, advocacy, and educating seniors and their families about care and aging issues.

Social media entered the picture pretty early on. I was using tools ranging from Wiki to Twitter and Facebook for outreach and education. But the magic really sparked when I decided that I didn’t want to just use these platforms — I wanted to teach seniors how to use them too.

Since then, I’ve developed strategies, policies, practices and training materials that help organizations leverage web technologies to meet the needs of older adults and their families. And, I’m actively involved in teaching seniors about social media by teaching classes and through presentations.

About You

Organizations: Web technologies play a large role in improving the lives of seniors. With online technology, you build relationships, advocate, educate and empower seniors, family members and staff. My aim is to help you adopt and leverage online technologies to achieve these goals.

Seniors: My goal is to foster an understanding of social media, to help close the cultural technology gap, and to help older adults develop a practical, working knowledge of social media and other computer technologies.


If you would like to contact me about presentations or speaking opportunities, or if you want to connect to exchange ideas on using tech for seniors, send me an email. I would love to connect.


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Many thanks to George “Loki” Williams for interviewing me for a post at FirstSTREET blog. The responses I provided for his interview inspired me to finally provide some personal background info here on my blog.


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